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If we HOLD ON together

A tomorrow filled with pure happiness knowing that this direction on the path is the one and only way... Success. A tomorrow filled with the reassurance that your headed for better days. A tomorrow with a love that was sent to you from the heaven above that will only grow deeper and deeper as time… Continue reading If we HOLD ON together


I’ve been Nominated for the “My Liebster Award!”

I've been nominated by the My Liebster Award. And until now I can't imagine that it really happens and somebody nominated me. It is my pleasure and I am so grateful on it.Thank you very much to Ms. Deirdre (@myblogforlife) for nominating me for the Liebster Award. She's a great writer in poetry and I love it.… Continue reading I’ve been Nominated for the “My Liebster Award!”



Why do we need freedom? Is freedom necessary in our life? Why some people desperately wanting freedom? Is it possible that democracy is the right choice? Are those freedom what you've think could help you? Freedom to what? Well, everybody wants freedom. Freedom makes us happy. Freedom is a chance to know our selves more. But… Continue reading FREEDOM HUNTS


We Can’t Feel the Love by Senses

We can't feel the love of the senses. Not by the eyes to see him/her every day, not also the sense of touch to hug and kisses you every minute, probably not the sense of hearing to hear those sweet words as I LOVE YOU, etc. That's why many people get hurt when it comes… Continue reading We Can’t Feel the Love by Senses


Everybody Loves to Eat

  Everybody loves to eat very delicious food in different food courts, restaurants, or even street foods. Like me, my hobby is eating every time I feel bored and stressed. It sounds like fun, but it is true. Other may says that they only overeat after studying for the major exams. Some of them eat… Continue reading Everybody Loves to Eat


My Wonder Mom

MY WONDER MOM by supercrunchblog She gave me BIRTH in this world. And gave LOVE an unconditionally. She HUGS me whenever I feel cold. To keep me feel comfortably. She used to be my hero. Not to feel any sorrow. My mom is always the best. From her head to toes. She used to be my… Continue reading My Wonder Mom