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Wonderful Day

God’s creation ❤

 I am really thankful for all the people I’ve met along this journey , my friends, my family and relatives, and even my love one. And I am very thankful to him for he letting me wake up every day to correct my wrong and to see how wonderful the world is. He gave his life to me. I know God loves me so much. And God is  every thing to me.

As one of his children, I’m thankful that he gave me the skill and talents. And all I need is, to improve , to developed more about myself not in a boastful way but to express my love for him. And to sanctify his glory. 

Such a wonderful day to wake up every morning, you feel the love of the people around you. Doing your daily routine in your life as a student and as a son. Seeing your father and sister smiling to you while saying “Good Morning, Ya”. Ya is from the word KUYA which means “eldest brother”. Which you think that how lucky am I to have this two persons in front to me. Such a wonderful day to be with the one you love. 

Such a wonderful day to see all the people moving every day to work in different jobs assigned, work patiently just because for their families. 

Such a wonderful day to be with you in your family, laughing, talking about what’s happening in school,or even your busy lives, sharing a problems, hug you tightly to feel you comfortable. And to see your cousins, nieces, nephews, and all relatives greeting to each other and sharing food and what they’ve had. 

Such a WONDERFUL DAY to us with the love of our God. 


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