We Can’t Feel the Love by Senses


(Photographed by Nonil Mart S. Aque)

We can’t feel the love by the senses. Not by the eyes to see him/her everyday, not also the sense of touch to hug and kisses you every minute, probably not the sense of hearing to hear those sweet words like I LOVE YOU, etc. That’s why many people get hurt when it comes to love. They don’t think what the reality is, they only based on what they’ve see specifically the good looking appearance.

Sometimes we may feel hurt by the love unintentionally. Hurt matters, sometimes. But always bear in mind that LOVE CONQUER AT ALL. Love always win than to hate and hurt.

Lastly, we can feel the love through the efforts  and sincerity. In that way we may able to feel the essence of love when it comes to relationships.


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