Why do we need freedom? Is freedom necessary in our life? Why some people desperately wanting freedom? Is it possible that democracy is the right choice? Are those freedom what you’ve think could help you? Freedom to what?

Well, everybody wants freedom. Freedom makes us happy. Freedom is a chance to know our selves more. But sometimes, freedom leads us in the wrong way. By the way, democracy can wait for how many years, but it is not easy to get what you think because you have many circumstances that come to your life. Freedom is always there for us when it is the right time for us to be free.

Here are some tips that I could share it to you: (This is for the youth like me)

  1. Freedom can wait. As long as you are a kid, you only must focus your studies well to help you to get better grades. Focus until you finished in the 4-year degree course you wanted to.
  2. Free to choose. If we already finish our studies, you may free to decide where you want to go and get a job as long as related to your course. In that way, maybe you can buy all that you wish to like you’ve never bought it before. And also, you can help your family to sustain their needs and shelter. HELP YOUR FAMILY as long as you are breathing. In short, it is your time to take care of them.
  3. More Freedom! Time will come. This is the right time that you think that you can build your own house for your new family and your children. Now, this is the time that you decide for yourself. Decide on your future.


TAKE NOTE: The child who loves freedom is the first victim of it.



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