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A Letter to my Mom

Hi Mom,
Today is your 5th death anniversary. I know i’ts hard to believe that you’re already gone. I am still longing for your love. I miss those fun and memories before you left. I never could imagine that we (my sister and I) are no longer to see your face, your sweetest smile, your laugh, your hug and kisses. Sometimes I wished that what if you’re still alive, what my life would be? Maybe, we are happy together. Celebrating our birthdays, Christmas, New Years, Graduation day and even Mother’s Day. What if you’re still alive? Is there any hatred will happens between me and father? What If you’re still alive? What if? What if? What if? I know there is no ‘what if’s ” in life. I’m just hoping that It’ll happen. And I am still hoping.
 I PROMISE that I will love my sister with all my heart and protect her from any harm.
I know that you’re happy in heaven no 🙂 I LOVE YOU :-*
Your Loving Son,

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