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Art in Friendship



I have a friend named MARIELA PAULA A. POTESTAS. I met her because we are blockmates in college and at the same time we took the same course which is BSBA Entrepreneurial Marketing at Mindanao State University- Main Campus (Marawi City, Philippines). She used to be my twin because we have a lot of similarities like eating. And eating, is our favorite. After the class we will go to the place where there are a lot of foods to eat and buy. I always value our friendship because they are always there in times of your weaknesses. They used to be someone who you can lean on. There are  always ART in friendship.

The Art of friendship is being a friend. We must embody the very qualities that we value in another’s friendship. We must also be friends with ourselves. We must show ourselves the same level of openness, understanding and support that we show each other. When we show ourselves love and friendship, others will know how to treat us as well.

Without friendship, we can drift aimlessly through life, feel misunderstood, develop anti-social behavior, and others. We can lose touch with humanity, and become swallowed by bitterness.



9 thoughts on “Art in Friendship

  1. I am a strong believer in acting like a friend to yourself. It is so important. It would be interesting if you did a post on how to be a friend to yourself!

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