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Life Must Go On

Someone’s Always Saying Goodbye
People come and go in your life.
People come and go like the wind and the rain
People come and go bringing pain
People come and go leaving me with a smile
I wonder if you will stay for a while, only this time
 But always remember that LIFE MUST GO ON.

4 thoughts on “Life Must Go On

  1. Yes, life will go on and each step of the journey makes a person richer in empathy, understanding, and judgment. In experience, adventure, and joy.
    A goodbye can lead to a new hello. The heart is a big place.

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  2. Your words are a real yet soothing depiction of life – something that can be equal parts amazing and disheartening. I like (at least with these words) how you are simultaneously aware and seeming vulnerable. Both are good qualities to possess.

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