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My Sister

Today is one of the greatest events in your life – your sweet sixteen birthday. Put away your childhood toys. You’re no longer a child, not quiet yet an adult. You will be experimenting with the rest of the teenage cult. I will always remind to you that NO MORE PARENTS SAYING EARLY TO BED. You can stand your own. You will remember it as the bright and happy day when you have all your friends beside you. Your friends and your family are the most precious things in life.
I wish you to enjoy your life(every day of it), value people around you and strive for your aims achievement. In between goals is a thing called life, that has to be lived and enjoyed. I wish you to find the golden balance between studying and enjoying your life – both are extremely important. As your KUYA  (older brother), wishing you all the best. Praying for your journey in life that God will guide you along the right path. May God blessed you and your studies. God will protect you from any harm. God will send you a thousand of angels that may guide, protect and lightened up your mind that whatever you have now is given by our Heavenly Father. Wishing you a good health.

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