Summer never ends <3

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I never thought I would love someone like you Never in my dreams that I would meet you But then, as I travel in my life's journey You walk into my life and I fall for you. I never know how is it to be in love Until that very special moment You brought wonderful… Continue reading MY FIRST LOVE… MY FIRST HEARTBREAK by Anonymous Author

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Every Morning And I'm still longing Longing for your hug and kisses My hear broke into tiny pieces Your love that I want to feel Thinking of you I always fell Falling in love with you deeply Deeply as the ocean beautifully Every night before I went to sleep Reminiscing all the memories Still wishing… Continue reading ONE MILLION MILES AWAY


What Your Birth Month Says About Your Personality?

  JANUARY: January people are hard-working and know how to get the job done. They are neat, organized and serious when needed, which makes them great leaders in the business world. While they can be critical, they are also sensitive and have a hard time expressing their emotions. They can also be stubborn and hard to… Continue reading What Your Birth Month Says About Your Personality?

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Long Distance Relationship

MY DEAREST LOVE I see you in my thoughts and dreams, When I awake, how real it seems. You aren't here to comfort me, But, soon I hope you will be. No one truly knows or understands, You have my heart in your hands. My love is what you truly own, Come soon and make… Continue reading Long Distance Relationship

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Christianity and Islam are two different religion with different beliefs. Whatever beliefs that we may believe in it, we can still learn to love one another. If there is LOVE, there's also RESPECT. We must respect to each other's beliefs. Differences are not made to separate us from the world. It doesn't mean that we… Continue reading CHRISTIAN – MUSLIM