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What Your Birth Month Says About Your Personality?



JANUARY: January people are hard-working and know how to get the job done. They are neat, organized and serious when needed, which makes them great leaders in the business world. While they can be critical, they are also sensitive and have a hard time expressing their emotions. They can also be stubborn and hard to please. People born in January tend to love children and have very loyal romantic partners who are very attentive and have deep emotions.

FEBRUARY: People born in February are the free spirits of the calendar year as they frequently have a changing personality that can be temperamental one minute and quiet and shy the next. Many are deep thinkers who love to explore new goals and dreams and take daring risks to reach their ambitions. Some suffer from superstition and odd ideas about the world. Many February people are attractive and sexy and easily make friends, although they are not prone to showing romantic love very openly.

MARCH: These sensitive folk can be very sympathetic to others and love to take care of them and to create a feeling of serene peacefulness. They are affectionate and attractive, but also can be reserved in their outward expressions. People born in March will always return a kindness and can easily see when others need some help or emotional boosting. They are honest and trustworthy and love attention. Unfortunately, these people can also hold grudges and can be moody when not in a serene place.

APRIL: While people born in April may not be traditionally attractive or sexy, their strong personality and love of attention can make them fun friends. They are highly active and sometimes act too hastily when seeking new adventure. They are great motivators, but can be aggressive and too emotional for some people to handle. They tend to have good memories, are great diplomats and can assist friends and family with solutions to their problems.

MAY: A-type personalities have tons of motivation and a quick intellect to get any job done. They are generally attractive both physically and mentally and attract strong partners. These restless people love travelling, they take part in the arts and get involved in groups where their skills can be appreciated by others.

JUNE: Individuals born in June tend to be sensitive. While they easily make friends with their politeness and good sense of humor, they can be temperamental and are deeply affected when hurt. Often talkative, they enjoy debating and getting into deep conversations where they can exercise their active minds.

JULY: Very approachable and friendly. These are sparkling personalities that attract people easily. They protect their reputation for being honest and caring about other people’s feelings. Moodiness at times can form a barrier between them and others. They are generally quiet unless provoked, and then can hold a grudge for a long time. Many of them have digestive or weight problems they need to overcome. They tend to work hard and often do well in learning.

AUGUST: Great leaders are often born in August. They have a fearless personality with great ability to lead others to a goal. Often attractive and suave, they love to be the center of attention and enjoy compliments from others. They are highly romantic and show their affections easily. However, when something goes wrong in a relationship they act hastily and can let their pride in themselves cause excessive anger and jealousy. August people can be highly generous, have great dreams for themselves and have artistic and musical talent.

SEPTEMBER: These are stubborn people. They are confident in their own abilities, hard-working and very organized. Although they may point out negative aspects of other people, they are quite intelligent and love to seek out new information. Sometimes, September people can seem unemotional since they tend to hold their feelings inside.

OCTOBER: People born in October love to make friends and are good at it. They return affection to those who give it to them easily, and treat their friends and loved ones with great importance. A conversation with an October person can be filled with jokes, dreams and strong opinions. They tend not to focus on others’ impressions of them and recover quickly from any slights. Although they may lie and be jealous at times, people born in October are mostly fair, friendly and usually love children.

NOVEMBER: These tough November people have a lot of ideas about different projects, the future, work and other people too. Sometimes secretive, they can be too quiet in a group setting, hardhearted, unpredictable and quick to anger. If they can overcome the negative aspects of their personality, others can share with them a very deep and abiding love, plenty of romance and very strong friendships. They are honest and trustworthy in all dealings with others.

DECEMBER: December people are active, playful, have great sense of humor and frequently patriotic. Some negative traits include a short temper, impatience, acting too hastily and looking at things very logically. If December people want to be loved and praised, they should temper their negative traits.


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