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Stay Strong, Hold on

  When your world crashes and your hope is gone Stay strong, hold on At times life gives you lemons Sometimes you might face sudden dilemmas Stay strong, hold on Times when your on the edge at it seems you'll fall Mustar up all the strength you have, stand tall Stay strong, hold on When… Continue reading Stay Strong, Hold on



As long as you have your life, you have also your trials. We must embrace the trials in life, you can run to your problems today, but when tomorrow comes, the problems will always find you. We cannot deny the fact that the life we have facing right now is harsh. And we must face… Continue reading HOLD ON

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To Move On

I tried so hard to forget you but I wont move on. I changed my ways, lived without you but it wont go on I find my heart still holding on and it wont let my feelings to find their home The more I try to ignore you my heart points to you and when… Continue reading To Move On