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It was a creepy 2:29 am, February 03, 2018.

I had a nightmare but its a random and undetailed sequences. The last part I was dreaming of, there’s someone talked to me weirdly and said, Choose someone who will stay. Choose someone who will take good care for you. Choose someone who will love you. And lastly, choose someone who will always look after you.” So I suddenly open my eyes widely. I got confused about my dream. I don’t know what the meaning of what he/she said is. It was not dark in my room. And when I glance at the door, I saw someone who’s standing outside. I haven’t seen it clearly, but I’m pretty sure that it is not my hallucinations. I didn’t move. I shouted, “Shooo! Shooo! Shooo!” to let him/her go, but it’s not what I thought. I’m afraid and feel threatened. So I was forcefully waking my sister to be awake, and now she’s mad. She angrily said, “ WHAT?” So I commanded her to turn on the lights for a couple of minutes. She said, “I’m still sleepy.” I beg her. I beg her. And I beg her until she gets mad at me. Later on, she asked why? So I told her everything. A MOMENT OF SILENCE, we heard some footsteps, and I guess someone’s leaving. My sister was busy typing on her phone, and she let me read her message said, “ I thought it was my hallucinations, too.”

It was so shocking. It leaves me hanging and so much confusing. A lot of questions running in my head. What was the connection of the (wo)man in the dark to my nightmare? What is the meaning? Is it true? How? Or was just our hallucinations? Or a coincidence? Or was only our imaginations? But how come, my sister also feels the same way.

Well, there are lots of questions in this unfathomable universe that never had an answer and will never have one. No one can justify it. Even the existentialist cannot prove it but leaves theories.

The only thing that we can do is to pray. Have faith in him.

2 thoughts on “A (WO)MAN IN THE DARK

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