This one breaks my heart. Everyone doesn’t want to have this kind of tragic.  I know that we are not superheroes having a super powers like we’ve been watching from the movies to help them but all we can do right now is to pray for them. Pray for the lives of the many. Let us take our time to pray. Instead of  “The world is sleeping”, let’s make “The world is praying” for Syria. Let us unite by praying.


5 thoughts on “PRAY FOR SYRIA

  1. Let’s not stop at Syria… there’s a whole bunch more praying to do. I pray for the men who have the disease of greed. I’ve grown so tired of witnessing the senseless loss of human life. When will this warmongering nonsense stop? It’s sickening to think what a corrupt human being(?) will do for the sake of some $ in their pockets. Saddened for so many I am. Bless the Syrians. May those who orchestrated this horrific mess be punished accordingly for what they have done. I will silence these fingertips in 3… 2… 1… G’Day 🙂

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