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What is your memorable moment?

Maria Christina
Maria Christina Falls, Iligan City, Philippines

The most memorable moment that happened in my life is when I saw it personally how Maria Christina Falls looks like. I remember that time when I was in Elementary I was looking at the pictures and amazed how beautiful Maria Christina Falls is and wishing that I’m going to see it personally.

This photo took last 2016 together with someone I used to love before. That’s sad, and that is life. Just continue moving forward. I was studying at Mindanao State University-Main Campus, Marawi City at that time when we decided to go to Maria Christina Falls in Iligan City since it took more or less three (3) hours to reach Maria Christina Falls.

I was so excited! I am not exaggerating, but I cried at that time, tears of joy. I really cannot believe it. It was my first time to go to Maria Cristina Falls, Iligan City Philippines (19th day of March 2016). I was there to visit, and I was so amazed because it is the most beautiful place I’ve ever seen in my life. It is very refreshing in mind and also for relaxation, for adventures too. Even though I am so busy with my exams, I can still manage time for having some fun. Be sure that you have your camera. I am pretty sure that you always take a picture every second. You won’t regret it.


Botanical and Zoological Gardens
But before you reach Maria Christina Falls, you must pay the entrance fee P25 pesos if I was not mistaken. And that includes the free shuttle bus ride. In your first drop, you will have the time to visit their “Botanical and Zoological Gardens.” all you have to do is to explore how wonderful it is. It looks refreshing because all you have to see is the plants and the trees. But wait? There’s more; you will see the different kind of animals – crocodiles, ostrich, monkeys, a family of birds, and so many others. All you have to do is take a photo of every place you’re passing by. And if you are done the exploring, you may now go back to the area where the shuttle bus fetches you. And that will be the time to go, Maria Christina Falls, finally.


And now, this his how beautifully Maria Christina Falls look like. I was mesmerizing all the places I’ve seen for the whole time. But this time, I don’t have any bad experience. And one of the moments I treasured the most.

In the Philippines, there are many beautiful places you will go, such as Boracay in Aklan, Puerto Princesa Underground River in Palawan, Chocolate Hills in Bohol, and so many other sites. Also, the Philippines, which is my country, is the most visited places in worldwide

Nevertheless, price is what we pay; value is what we get. Travelling, it is not just about spending money, but it gives you so much relaxing, and you can see how beautiful the world is.

So, how about you? What are your memorable moments in your life?

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