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Hello Guys!

I started my blog last May 2016, and even up to this day, I tried to keep updating this site. I am so sorry for the long hiatus, even myself, I don’t want to, but I am just busy working as a “Content Writer.” It’s been a year since being employed. I worked at home at a very convenient time. I was all at home for the entire year, sometimes I went outside with my friends and so on. I’m tired doing old kinds of stuff – lying down on my bed, scanning on my Facebook Timeline, keep updating photos on my Instagram and Twitter, watching movies. I want to start something new. So, here it is:

This month, I’ve been thinking so bad about starting my journey of being “Content Creator” or what we called a “vlogger.” Thus, here I am promoting my YouTube Channel. I know it’s hard at the very first place, but I will continue what I have started while thinking “what content will it be?”, “When do I start?” “who is with me in my content?”. For now, I keep learning on it, watching tutorial videos online, keep learning on how to edit my videos, and so much more.

So, below is the first-ever Teaser of my Vlog. (Well, I keep thinking about the Teaser II & III while doing/starting my vlog and editing it.) Must see it:


So hanging! Right? For my first ever Content, I would like to collect some ideas of yours “What content it will be?” Travel? Foods? If you have any idea, please do share it with me. I like gathering important thoughts. I am nervous about it. haha. I’m hoping this will be successful. Thanks.

Anyways, don’t forget to subscribe my YouTube Channel and I will do the same for you, if and only if you ever do a vlog. Just comment your link. 🙂


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