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Hello Guys!

I started my own blog last May 2016, and even up to this day I tried to keep updating this site. I am so sorry for the long hiatus, even myself I don’t want to but I am just busy working as a “Content Writer”.  It’s been a year since being employed. I worked at home at my very convenient time. I was all at home for the entire year, sometimes I went outside with my friends and so on. I’m tired doing old stuffs – lying down on my bed,  scanning on my Facebook Timeline, keep updating photos in my Instagram and Twitter, watching movies. I was thinking that I would like to start something new. So, here it is:

This month, I’ve been thinking so bad about starting my journey of being “Content Creator” or what we called it a “vlogger”. So, here I am promoting my YouTube Channel. I know it’s hard at the very first place but I will continue what I have  started while thinking “what content will it be?”, “when do I start?”, “who are with me in my content?”. For now, I keep learning on it, watching tutorial videos online, keep learning on how to edit my videos, and so much more.

So, below is the first ever Teaser of my Vlog. (Well, I just keep thinking about the Teaser II & III while doing/starting my vlog and editing it.) Must see it:


So hanging! Right? For my first ever Content, I would like to collect some ideas of yours “What content it will be?” Travel? Foods? If you have any idea, please do share it with me. I like gathering important thoughts. I am nervous about it. haha. I’m hoping this will be successful. Thanks.

Anyways, don’t forget to subscribe my YouTube Channel and I will do the same for you, if and only if you ever do a vlog. Just comment your link. 🙂



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