The Sound of Anxiety

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“The Sound of Anxiety” @ Gella Marie Liguan

Cure me!

I lost myself.

Help me!

I lost my happy key.


Spare me!

I want to be free.

Find me!

Help me to find my own life.


Can somebody help me?

I’m in my misery

Somebody has taken me

I’m drowning in my thoughts


Something is running in my head

Somebody wants to hunt and kill me

I feel like I’m being trapped in my mind

Spare me, Please!


I can’t trust anybody

Drowning in a toxic environment

Living someone else life.

I don’t know who’s the demon inside of me.


Choosing between life and death

Being drowned by the words inside

No one will understand the pains inside me,

Neither do I


No one will understand the pain I’m feeling.

You don’t know what it feels like

You don’t know how it feels

You won’t understand me


This is the sound of my anxiety

This is a state of mental illness

Forgive me if you don’t know what it feels like!

Forgive me if I can’t be somebody else’s life!


Nobody will love the pain,

So better to shut your mouth

You were not in my place

And you’re not the one who’ll take the risk


You will never know how it feels like

Instead of hating me, help me!

Instead of killing me, spare me!

Instead of hurting me, cure me!


Please Stop! So that nobody will take their pills

Please do stop! So that nobody will cut their wrists

Please Stop! So that no one will take their life.

Please do stop! So that no one wants to be a victim.


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