Hello everyone! I’m Vince from Philippines who aims higher than the universe. I want to become a psychiatrist someday. There’s nothing more  I could wish for because the only ambition in my life is, to give a very comfortable living for my family. We have only three(3) members left, my father, my younger sister and I, my mother died last June 2011 due to her illness. And it was the unforgettable painful I’ve ever have in my life. As an elder brother I will stand with my own feet and take all the risk to become a good role model to my younger sister.

I started to learn to cook and  I’ve found my passion in cooking. I love to write poems and it could be English, Tagalog(National Language in Philippines), and Visaya(My Native Language). I write poems whenever I feel alone and feel inspired to those things what I have now. I love to play volleyball. I love to watch movies(horror, comedy, tragedy, romantic, sad story). I’d like travelling, adventurous too.  I love taking photos. I also love modelling. I really love to sing.

I cry, I laugh, I hurt people, I made mistakes. And I am not perfect.

I love my family, friends, and EVERYTHING IN MY LIFE.


My inspiration in my life is my mother and my family. In everytime I feel drained, lonely I always think to the people who make inspired everyday. Whenever I have a problem I always think that “God is bigger than your problems”. Trust everything in the lord and he will give you the life that you’ve wanted to.


On the 22nd day of May 2016, I started blogging when somebody said to me that it can help you to improve your writings.And then I did it. Ever since that my blog was made I have no idea what is all about and what am I going to write in my blog. And then something came to my mind that it is a HAPPY LIFE that I want to write or post something in every special moment in your life. To make it short, my blog is all about HAPPINESS IN LIFE that will make you a positive person.  

The most important thing is to enjoy your life – to be happy – it’s all that matters.