On the 22nd day of May 2016, this blog was made for fun, for love, for them to enjoy, for making someone to inspire – to motivate – to entertain random thoughts.  The content of my blog is all about “The most important thing is to enjoy your life – to be happy – it’s all that matters. 

Everyone is growing up and meet maturities and obligations. You should be responsible enough for living, not just for yourself alone, but also the surrounds you. – Be responsible for your health.


I am a Freelancing Professional with experience in Content Writing. I am a blogger, Poet and essayist. A future Content Creator and a future businessman. An online gamer – not totally, I only play (Mobile Legends & Identity V)  when I’m bored.  I am a simple guy who works very hard for the future. If you want to ask for more, I am keen to details, to learn, to work and to know people.

If you love watching Korean Series, then you’ll be my “binge watching” partner. I also love to read novel books. So far, my favorite book is “House Rules” by Jodi Picoult. I also love to chit-chat and hanging out with my friends.


I worked full time and part time – as well as Project-based. I am a Content Writer by profession. I worked at home for almost two-years and three years in blogging. I studied short courses, related to Online and Content Marketing, at home. Planning to study short course online about SEO, Lead Generation, and Digital Marketing. Certificates nowadays are more reliable aside from work experiences.

I worked with different clients (China, Indonesia, Malaysia, India, US) and also been worked with different employer where I can show my skills and honing at the same time. I learned a lot from it. I am not engaging more clients but also building a relationship.

If you want make a business to business (B2B), you can feel to contact me. See it on a Contact page. You can also see my profile if you want to do a background check.


I will post more certificates soon!

Content Marketing FoundationsAMA University Online Education ✔️

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The Strategy of Content Marketing. @ Authorized by: University of California Davis

Offered Through: Coursera / September 2019