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It Is Just A Piece of Paper


Last night, I can’t sleep. I am struggling to focus at work. Thinking about my plans, my future, and everything.

I prayed to God and asked him to give me a sign until tomorrow. Well, I’m not that type of person who believes in “signs”. Somehow, it helps. So today, I started to work and packed my things. And then I suddenly saw on that corner where I put my bible. And when I opened it, I saw this note (knowing that I received this note from my English teacher four (4) years ago). And now, it motivates me —- a lot.

It says, “Use your knowledge well. I believe you can achieve your ambitions. Trust in yourself.” – Ms. April Apple Despi.

I should have believed myself at first and having that confidence to keep moving forward in life. Facing your fears and difficulties in life is just a challenge for yourself.

Sometimes you cannot understand life, it’s so unfair and have so much struggles. The only thing you can do is to pray and believe that God is bigger than your problems. He will not leave you but giving you life experiences, life struggles, and life lessons. And that’s how you understand what life really is.

It may be just a piece of paper, you will never know it will do something good years later.

Have a nice day people! 🌹

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Marawi City, Philippines

Christianity and Islam are two different religion with different beliefs. Whatever beliefs that we may believed on it, we can still learn to love one another. If there is LOVE, there’s also RESPECT. Respect to each other’s beliefs. Differences are not made to separate us from the world. This doesn’t mean that we depart to each other’s dignity. It only means that learn to love differences in order to achieve unity.  How good and pleasant it is when God’s people live together in unity!