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It Is Just A Piece of Paper


Last night, I can’t sleep. I am struggling to focus at work. Thinking about my plans, my future, and everything.

I prayed to God and asked him to give me a sign until tomorrow. Well, I’m not that type of person who believes in “signs”. Somehow, it helps. So today, I started to work and packed my things. And then I suddenly saw on that corner where I put my bible. And when I opened it, I saw this note (knowing that I received this note from my English teacher four (4) years ago). And now, it motivates me —- a lot.

It says, “Use your knowledge well. I believe you can achieve your ambitions. Trust in yourself.” – Ms. April Apple Despi.

I should have believed myself at first and having that confidence to keep moving forward in life. Facing your fears and difficulties in life is just a challenge for yourself.

Sometimes you cannot understand life, it’s so unfair and have so much struggles. The only thing you can do is to pray and believe that God is bigger than your problems. He will not leave you but giving you life experiences, life struggles, and life lessons. And that’s how you understand what life really is.

It may be just a piece of paper, you will never know it will do something good years later.

Have a nice day people! 🌹

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Dear Other Self

Credit to Owner!

Dear Other self,

Today, I have confessions to make!

I grew up with full of love and a happy family. But it turns out to be the worst and a living nightmare. Something bad has happened which is the main and only reason why we suffered a lot – my Mom died. I have never wished this to be happened but life was so unfair and giving me this kind of living.

Year 2011 -2015: What is life without your Mom? Very Hard! I cannot bear the pain I have for this past few years and even until now. It is like I am carrying a torch without the burning desires in life. My life was so down. I feel depressed and devastated on that time. Having no confidence in everything I do and my plans in life.

These are the years that I don’t want to remember but part of my life experiences. My dad was so abusive both physically and emotionally. I have never heard him encouraging me in life but dragging me down and makes my heart so broken. I never thought that he has no dreams for us. And sometimes he questioned himself in front of us saying “I sacrificed a lot for you!” “I wished that you have never came out in m life!” He never supported me in my studies – sometimes but not that much to feed my daily needs. And I understand that! I understand our situation. But still I still managed to pass the Entrance examination and finished one year only – not able to continue my studies due to lack of support financially and morally.

Year 2016 -2017: I don’t have a choice but to choose to give up studies. I worked at a young age and facing the reality that life is so freaking hard. I know what exactly the life is. Sweats and blood before money. But I am not that persevere to work hard. I worked different jobs and not able to stay longer. I don’t know what to do? Why is this happening? Why me of all people?

Mid-year 2017: I met new friends and help me to rise up from the ashes. I admit that we have that kind of strong connections and bond. I owe them a lot.

I met people with different stories and it makes me realize that it wasn’t only me who had experienced this kind of life. It motivates me so much. I have no permanent address to live. I stayed one month in my  best friend’s house and help her doing the household chores. After that, I stayed with my cousin but still I couldn’t find a job. So, I decided to leave and left a note saying “I’m living”. It was a hard decision for me but i don’t have guts to stay longer with him, knowing that I cannot help him paying bills  because I don’t have a job.

I became a Kitchen Clerk for five (5) months and leave it. My anxiety attacks me and I couldn’t help it but cry. Lowering down my self-esteem, my confidence went down, and don’t know what to do. Same feeling that I have felt before – depressions. So, I decided to go home and relax for 1 month and half.

Year 2018:  This was my rising point in my life. I became a Content Writer which I suited the most since I really love to write. I started to write when I was a kid. Until when I get older, I used to write poems, essays, stories, script, and other forms of writing. I worked different companies to write them. And published online. I have never imagined this to be happened. It was the nicest feeling that seeing your articles that has published online.

Year 2019: Still working as a Content Writer. I can do everything I want, eating the food I like and so many things. I believed that there are a lot of opportunities to come in my life. I always grateful to God for giving me these life experiences, life lessons, life struggles, and other life-related. I may not have this without him and to the people who supported me morally (and financially). I owe you. I have my To-Do-List and now I’m working on my plans in life and praying that it will work accordingly.

Sometimes I think about my life and future, what is really my purpose in life? So much interesting in life. Just keep doing it until you find it. Well, every successful starts from the bottom.  This will be the part of one of my achievements in life. And I am still rooting and hoping for the best to come.

Think big. Dream big. Believe. Stay Positive.



Your other self.


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The ugly duckling fell in love with someone.
Someone who’s in pain and broken.
The ugly duckling tried to fix those broken pieces.
And makes someone’s heart feel at ease.

The ugly duckling is falling deeper in love with someone.
Someone who’s not ready to give love.
The ugly duckling tried to fix someone’s heart.
And makes that heart to love again.

The ugly duckling will never be get tired of falling in love with someone.
Someone who’s not able to give what the ugly duckling wants.
The ugly duckling never beg but tried to fix someone’s heart again.
But the ugly duckling got rejected all over again.

The ugly duckling still in love with someone.
Someone who’s now happy with someone else.
The ugly duckling tried to find those broken pieces, tried to fix his own heart again and again.
And the ugly duckling stays alone forever.

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Image result for hell's itch


First of 2019, I thought I would publish something that is very interesting and fun but it turns different.

I just want to share this to you guys. This is a serious thing. And it really sucks and it kills me every time it hits me, I SWEAR! NOBODY UNDERSTANDS HOW I FEEL. It’s like a thousand of ants are biting both my arms and shoulders. ALL I WANTED IS TO ESCAPE FROM THE PAIN AND THIS ITCH. And I wanted to cry. Promise!

Okay? Here it goes, last Saturday we went to Olango Island, Lapu Lapu City, Cebu Philippines –  for chilling, enjoying the beach, and feel the heat of the sun. When we got there, it took hours before we start swimming. I really cannot believe that it is really happening right now, I though this plan is not going through but here we are, keep enjoying. I took my shirt off and enjoying the heat of the sun, I always love to do it. I don’t care about the sunburns since I’ve been experiencing sunburn before. And I confident about it.

Keep swimming, keep talking, and keep enjoying at the same time. 

We took our lunch and take a break. Although, I can feel the sunburn in my skin especially on my shoulders, arms, and at the back. I keep ignoring it. Around 3pm, we decided to go home since it is too hot to swim and we are very tired also. So, when we got home I took a shower and doing some household chores and then rest.

On Sunday, I can really feel the pain of the burns but this is usually happens for everyone. And I liked it!  It was my plan actually to get sunburn. NOW, I DID NOT EXPECT THAT THIS IS REALLY HAPPENING TO ME RIGHT NOW! I though it was the surroundings or in my room that makes me itch. So, I clean my room, washing the plates, put some alcohol on the floor, changing the bedsheet BUT IT WAS NOT. I started scratching it and I am not comfortable with it. So, I took a bath. But, nothing is changed. I keep spraying (insect killer) both the corners in my room for I thought it was the reason BUT IT WAS NOT! I started to cry. I don’t know what to do. I am doing crazy things to ease the pain and itch BUT NOTHING HAPPENS. And IT MAKES ME CRAZY! Have you experiencing this? My God! I can’t explain very well. 

I suddenly think about the beach we went or the sunburn. So, I research it on Google! And here I found, THIS IS A RARE CASE, especially to those people with sunburn may also experience an extreme, deep, painful itching called hell’s itch. Also known as devil’s itch or fire ant itch, some people describe it as an unrelenting itch that can keep them awake at night and persist for days while the skin heals.” 


So, I went to Pharmacy, and buy the antihistamine (medicine) or any that could help me to relief this pain and itch. BUT SAD TO SAY, they won’t allow me to buy a Benadryl unless if it recommends or prescribed by the doctor. So, I take Ibuprofen and Allerta. And I keep drinking water. I keep scrubbing it using aloe Vera.


✔️ PS. Hey guys! I am living you some link/videos for you able to read/see and to understand how I felt and for you able to prevent it.

READ IT:…/outdoor-health/sunburn-itch-re…


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Stay Fit Amidst Your Busy Schedule: 7 Minute Workout



Admit it. You don’t exercise regularly. Whether you are busy working all day in your office or busy reading or writing blogs while lying in your bed, it is hard to find time to exercise. Going to the gym will already consume time and you could use that time to be productive instead.

So how do you stay fit amidst your busy schedule?

ANSWER: 7 Minute Workout

This is a mobile app which is available for android and iOS. The 7 minute workout consists of 12 exercises to be done for 30 seconds, with 10 seconds breaks between each exercise. All you need is just a mat, a chair and a wall.

I have tried this app and the results are amazing so far. So,what are you waiting for? Grab a mat, a chair and a wall and bring that ass back into shape!

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Desperate to Get More Instagram Followers and Likes?



Instagram is a great avenue to improve your photography skills and to share it to the world. However, for beginners, there will be a very few audience to view and like your work of art. And that sucks. However, there are several “desperate” ways in order to increase the number of your audience or followers in Instagram in order to gain likes.

1. POST AT LEAST 5 AMAZING PHOTOS. This is the first step. People would not follow you if they saw that your page is empty nor will they follow you if you have tons of photos but are pointless. Instead, select at least 5 of your best photos and you’re good to go.

2. LIKE AS MANY PHOTOS AS YOU CAN. Gaining Instagram followers and likes is a science and statistics shows that 100 likes on random photos in Instagram would generate you 21 likes and 6 followers…

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How to boost calories burnt running and lose more weight?


Having a lack of confidence? Weight problems? Is there any other way to burn calories and lose more weight? Well, start with yourself. Undeniably, with summer around the corner, it’s no surprise that everyone is hurrying really to do what they can really to burn like much fat as possible. Whether it is really to wear that teeny weeny bikini or trim down to another bodybuilding to show how good looking and perfect body they have.

How to boost and burn more calories?

 Some people drink green tea. Why is it? Tea helps burn off calories and helps build lean mass and burn fat. It is the perfect partner to support the weight reduction goals in a natural organic manner by increasing your body’s metabolism rate. No matter if you’re an Athlete or merely need premium nourishment, this is the ideal for you. The enhanced energy and functionality from a helping of Green Tea can last up really to 6 hours. Green Tea is also known as a natural healthful mood enhancer that makes you feel great. It also helps with focusing and staying in the wonderful place that also interpreted as a flow state. It is wonderful for yoga, studying and doing tedious projects. It will revolutionize your prayer and meditation practice too. Drink it as a tea, and maintain your exercises by running. So that the wiser you are, the more calories are burned. And you should know how much the average calories you will burn per week? It’s better to know more about things than having just a pretty face.


Image result for running to lose weight

Running To Lose More Weight:

Running is a good way to shed weight, but these not utilized to running find it somewhat hard. Running, it also enhances functionality, ability, and concentration. For novices, a plan to begin running for fat loss is what’s required! Perhaps you have tried everything to shed weight? If you say yes, consider over again. Have you still tried running for fat loss? And you do not only shed weight, but you also get numerous other benefits from running. Once you’re convinced, you’ll never find it a waste of efforts and time. You’d like to immediately begin running to shed weight. But wait. You ought to know how to begin running to shed weight and plan for it ahead if only you are a newcomer.

But why in the world do you will need to plan for such an easy task as running? There are various numerous reasons for this also! Why Plan prior to Running to Lose Weight? Since your body is not utilized to it, as simple as that. At any time you do a vigorous exercise such as running, you place umpteen pressure in your joints, muscles, heart, in fact, on your body as a whole. If you are a newcomer who begins running with no preparation, your legs may begin shaking after having a hard run. It is since your muscles aren’t used to the new vigorous movement.

Therefore, they become incapable of contracting and don’t work in a coordinated fashion. This results in shaking. You might feel nauseated after running. THINK WISER! Therefore, you need to know exactly what and once to drink or eat before, after and during running. You may be having an injury history. Even when not, you might get injured whenever you run suddenly. You can prevent the majority of the jogging related injuries by training smart and by establishing realistic goals. Training can be self-training with hints from running experts! You may face a gastrointestinal problem during running, particularly when you are not systematically training the body for running.

Consequently, you must understand how to properly eat in order that your digestive system works best while running. If you don’t prepare for balancing your bodily fluid absorption, you may turn out to be dehydrated while you run. Lack of fluids, in turn, might lead to cramps in your abdomen. This might worsen the condition. Therefore, knowledge about preventing dehydration is a must even though you do not run for the marathon, but only for fat loss. You might get a headache during or following a run. Beginners who don’t train their bodies to operate properly could get tight joints and dehydration, both of which might lead to a headache. If you begin running following a certain age, say after 3 decades of age, you may hear a crackling sound coming from your knees while running.

Take Note: According to Wayne Westcott, the problem is the more miles you log, the more efficient your body becomes at running and the fewer calories it burns.

Image result for How Calories Burn in running? How many calories will burn in running? 

How Calories Burn in running? How many calories will burn in running? 

Figuring out the response involves a rather simple calculation, but the general equation is not as very simple as it seems. Figuring out how much calories you burn while jogging is, on a simple level, a rather simple calculation. Most experts recommend that a person of ordinary weight burns approximately 100 calories in one mile of running. That amount goes up slightly in the event that you weigh more or in the event that you’re a less effective runner both of that demand that you use more energy to pay for the same space. On the flip side, that number of calories does not go up if you run faster.

It doesn’t matter how fast you go. The amount of calories expended over one mile still remains roughly the same. Generally, of course, if you run faster you will cover more miles in the same time period, which equals more calories expended during that time. Consider it: someone running 10-minute miles for per hour covers six mph and burns off approximately 600 calories in this calculation, a person traveling 6-minute miles for that same time period runs 10 miles and burns 1, 000 calories.

It is a basic metabolism equation. For each liter of oxygen is consumed, you burn about five calories. A calorie is defined as the quantity of energy used to increase the temperature of 1 gram of water 1 degree. Over numerous studies, it was established that there was a direct relationship between the quantity of oxygen the person in that room consumed and the number of calories expended.

The very simple answer is that you burn about 100 kilocalories per mile of running which Americans frequently refer to as calories and that amount will vary depending upon your size, efficiency, and individual differences. That 100 calories are in fact the net energy burn, or the quantity of energy over your baseline metabolic process since we’re always burned calories, even when we’re just sitting.

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