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It’s all about love

Love makes people weak. What is love? Everybody is asking what love is all about? Why do most of the people are willing to take a risk and make themselves fool? When will you know that it is love? Why is it hurt? How does it feel? Why do we give too much efforts and… Continue reading It’s all about love

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It was a creepy 2:29 am, February 03, 2018. I had a nightmare but its a random and undetailed sequences. The last part I was dreaming of, there’s someone talked to me weirdly and said, “Choose someone who will stay. Choose someone who will take good care for you. Choose someone who will love you.… Continue reading A (WO)MAN IN THE DARK



As long as you have your life, you have also your trials. We must embrace the trials in life, you can run to your problems today, but when tomorrow comes, the problems will always find you. We cannot deny the fact that the life we have facing right now is harsh. And we must face… Continue reading HOLD ON


What Your Birth Month Says About Your Personality?

  JANUARY: January people are hard-working and know how to get the job done. They are neat, organized and serious when needed, which makes them great leaders in the business world. While they can be critical, they are also sensitive and have a hard time expressing their emotions. They can also be stubborn and hard to… Continue reading What Your Birth Month Says About Your Personality?