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Philippines: Asia’s Songbird – Regine Velasquez   Hi! This is Vince from the Philippines. And it has been months since I posted here in my blog. By the ways, she is the only one of Asia's Songbird, Ms. Regine Velasquez. Our living legendary here in the Philippines when it comes to the music industry. (in singing) I idolized here… Continue reading Philippines: Asia’s Songbird – Regine Velasquez

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FALLEN (Cover by Gibbson and Vince) FALLEN BY JANNO GIBBS Cover by Gibbson (Guitarist) and Vince (Back up) Our little conversations are turning into little sweet sensations And they're only getting sweeter every time Our friendly get-togethers are turning into visions of forever If I just believe this foolish heart of mine REFRAIN I can't pretend that I'm just a… Continue reading FALLEN (Cover by Gibbson and Vince)