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My Wonder Mom

MY WONDER MOM by supercrunchblog download (1)

She gave me BIRTH in this world.
And gave LOVE an unconditionally.
She HUGS me whenever I feel cold.
To keep me feel comfortably.
She used to be my hero.
Not to feel any sorrow.
My mom is always the best.
From her head to toes.
She used to be my buddy.
Always playing on the ground.
Get sweats and tired body.
And went to bed is the next bound.
She used to get mad.
Every time I made things bad.
And used to crying out loud
Like a heavy rain in a cloud.
She kissed me on my forehead
. Every time I went to bed.
Not to feel afraid in a dark night.
Because my mom is my MIGHTY KNIGHT.
God gave me you.
And how much I LOVE YOU.