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by: supercrunchblog In the dark night Stars are bright In my lonely sight And I will fight Under tonight’s moon I want to declare my great love And say good night to you I promise you it will always be better. The winds getting colder My love is getting wider I'm here to hug you… Continue reading GOOD NIGHT, MY LOVE

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Our Mother Earth

As I walk across the earth, thousands of things I get to see. Birds fly high, soaring higher, and on the flowers I hear the buzz of bees. The sun at the dawn, rises within the hills.. And the waves touching the cliffs. The waterfall flowing down the green-blue mountains. Rivers forming a dream delta… Continue reading Our Mother Earth

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If we HOLD ON together

A tomorrow filled with pure happiness knowing that this direction on the path is the one and only way... Success. A tomorrow filled with the reassurance that your headed for better days. A tomorrow with a love that was sent to you from the heaven above that will only grow deeper and deeper as time… Continue reading If we HOLD ON together



Why do we need freedom? Is freedom necessary in our life? Why some people desperately wanting freedom? Is it possible that democracy is the right choice? Are those freedom what you've think could help you? Freedom to what? Well, everybody wants freedom. Freedom makes us happy. Freedom is a chance to know our selves more. But… Continue reading FREEDOM HUNTS