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Social Medias

    Social Medias. Are they stealing our lives? I was always occupied with Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. And I find that I love it! There's nothing wrong of having this social medias as long as you know your limits. You must prioritize those thing that needed to be prior - your school home-works, household… Continue reading Social Medias

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Dream Big

We do believe that we have a lot of dreams to reached. Everyone must have a wish for his life not to be just a physical existence but a real happy life full of aims and their fulfillment, adventures and complications.In addition, dream is also a part of our existence that we may able to… Continue reading Dream Big

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Life Must Go On

People come and go in your life. People come and go like the wind and the rain People come and go bringing pain People come and go leaving me with a smile I wonder if you will stay for a while, only this time  But always remember that LIFE MUST GO ON.