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It’s all about love

Love makes people weak. What is love? Everybody is asking what love is all about? Why do most of the people are willing to take a risk and make themselves fool? When will you know that it is love? Why is it hurt? How does it feel? Why do we give too much efforts and… Continue reading It’s all about love

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Everyday I love You

You're the night who makes me comfortable with. You're the day who gives me strength to hold on. You're the past who gives me so much to remember. You're a tomorrow who gives me full of hopes. You're the future who I could spend my lifetime loving you. And I will love you day by… Continue reading Everyday I love You

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by: supercrunchblog You're the one I've been thinking of. And it was you who brought disaster to my mind.   You're the one I've been spend too much time And it was you who gave me pain every seconds.   You're the one who completed my day. And it was you who left me unpuzzle.… Continue reading YES, YOU ARE

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Have you remembered the first you fall in love with someone? So, how was it? It feels like butterflies in your stomach when you were talking to him/her.┬áIt is nice to reminisce those young days. Yes, love is a concept that may mean many things to many people, but there is one thing the same… Continue reading LOVE! LOVE! LOVE!

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Every Morning And I'm still longing Longing for your hug and kisses My hear broke into tiny pieces Your love that I want to feel Thinking of you I always fell Falling in love with you deeply Deeply as the ocean beautifully Every night before I went to sleep Reminiscing all the memories Still wishing… Continue reading ONE MILLION MILES AWAY