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I can accept failure, everyone fails at something. But I can’t accept not trying.

Try and try until you succeed“, one of the famous quotes or sayings in this world.And I do believe it even up to this days. There’s nothing to afraid to try something in your life goals. I, myself thinks that every failures in life makes me a better person and a chance of knowing myself more if how could I handle it. It makes me braver than before. And it makes me fully determined to do so. 

I failed, not once, not twice but many times in my life. And it doesn’t mean to give up on it. I just keep trying again and again, not even try to give up. Giving up means that your weak.  The word “weak” means that it symbolizes that you’re not strong enough not only physically but mentally and emotionally matters. You’re weak when you are not even trying to stand in your failures. You’re weak when when “giving up” is your solutions in every worst situations. You’re weak physically, mentally,emotionally and even spiritually.     YOU ARE WEAK, because you’re afraid to stand out, you’re not persistent enough, you lack humility, you’d rather argue against advice instead of taking it, you don’t take responsibility for what happens in your life, you’re afraid to care. To make it short, YOU DON’T BELIEVE IT’S POSSIBLE. That’s why people failed.

NOTE:Here are four steps that can help you turn any negative experience into a positive outcome: ACCEPT THAT FAILURE IS PART OF THE PROCESS, LET OUT YOUR FRUSTRATION, BE BRUTALLY HONEST and FAIL FORWARD. 

Despite what we hear, it has nothing to do with smiling and being happy with everything that happens to you. Anyone who says that is either lying or crazy. Positive thinking, rather, is used so that we can learn, grow, and evolve from what we experience in life.This does not mean try to fail. It simply means that if you are faced with a setback, understand it is not your final destination. It is a stepping-stone in your journey that is getting you to where you need to be.We can’t stop obstacles from appearing in life, but we can choose how to handle them. They may block our vision temporarily, but if we persevere then we can discover opportunities that have always been waiting for us on the other side. As we get more efficient with this process, we enable ourselves to see the positive side in even the toughest of situations.