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  MUST READ: "HELL'S ITCH! / DEVIL'S ITCH / FIRE ANT ITCH" 😈 First, of 2019, I thought I would publish something exciting and fun, but it turns different. I want to share this to you guys - a severe thing. And it sucks and it kills me every time it hits me, I SWEAR!… Continue reading HELL’S ITCH / FIRE ANT ITCH

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I'm not one to think of burying my head in the sand - I've always been a positive person and still am now. #Fighting 💪👊✊

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Capturing Every Moment

Life is too short to waste doing nothing, make everyday count, because we all don't know when we will leave this world. Cherish every moment you have with loved ones and never regret anything in life, because everything happens for a reason. Look at every day and smile that God has kept you alive, cause… Continue reading Capturing Every Moment

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Life Must Go On

People come and go in your life. People come and go like the wind and the rain People come and go bringing pain People come and go leaving me with a smile I wonder if you will stay for a while, only this time  But always remember that LIFE MUST GO ON.